Documentary Films - incomplete list


Anli is currently working on a South African feature length documentary Honesty is a Duty and a shorter documentary called The Road to Augsburg and Beyond which maps the rocky road to the Joint Declaration signed between the Catholic Church and the Lutheran World Federation in 1999.



  • Breyten Breytenbach: The Afrikaans poet and artist in Paris          

            (with Hennie Serfontein)

  •   White Fear for the Elections - Reuters  


  •  Breaking the Fetters 2 - (with Hennie Serfontein) an updated version of the story of white Afrikaners meeting the ANC and new footage of ANC leaders, including Thabo Mbeki, speaking on their thoughts when they returned from exile.


  • Orania - Rightwing, whites only town - NCRV


  • SWAPO returns from exile (with Hennie Serfontein) - Swedish TV
                The SWAPO leadership returns to Nambia from exile.


  • Portrait of a Jazz Band - Mango Groove - SDR

  • You Strike a Woman, You Strike a Rock - Kulturweltspiegel WDR

  • A Black Child in Soweto - WDR Children's Programme

  • Breaking the Fetters (with Hennie Serfontein) - the story of white Afrikaners meeting the ANC in Dakar.


  • Press Curbs in South Africa - NCRV
  • Miriam Tlali - Black Writer in Soweto - IKON
  • Emigration from South Africa - ARD Weltspiegel


  • Ten Years Women's Movement in The Netherlands - IKON
  • The Plight of Black Women in The Netherlands
  • The Mandela Family - Fighting for Hope (with Hennie Serfontein and Wil van Neerven) - IKON


  • Art Film - South African Exiles - NOS


  • The Women of Greenham Common
  • The Political Documentary Filmmaker Leo Hurwitz - IKON