Anli has produced, researched for and directed Television documentaries.

Here are some links to BBC Television films she researched for the BBC's Brian Hanrahan in Germany:

2009 - Leipzig

The last shoot with the late Brian Hanrahan in front of the old Stasi Building in Leipzig

(c) Anli Serfontein, 2009


In 2006 the documentary: Hitler's Bunker: The Last Survivior Speaks researched and produced by Anli made it onto the shortlist for the Best BBC Documentary of the year. She also wrote about this shoot and its difficulties in her book.

Bernd Freytag von Loringhoven, a military aide to the German Chief of staff in 1945 and the only living survivor of Adolf Hitler's Berlin bunker who was in daily contact with Hitler at the end, speaks exclusively to the BBC's diplomatic correspondent Brian Hanrahan at his home in Munich.

Produced by BBC Television News, UK

The six documentary programmes with the most votes in BBC World's Best Of The Year: Documentary online poll have today been announced. Throughout November, BBC World viewers have had the opportunity to vote for the most outstanding documentary programme shown on the channel this year, from a selection of 15 documentaries – many of which are award-winning BBC productions.

The winning programmes are:

1 Being Indian with 18.95 per cent of votes

2 The World Uncovered: Sex Crimes And The Vatican  with 16.36 per cent of votes

3 Kill Or Cure? The Deadly Sleep with 15.04 per cent of votes

4 Africa: Open For Business with 14.86 per cent of votes

5 Hitler's Bunker: The Last Survivor Speaks with 11.61 per cent of votes 

6 Facing The Truth with 11.41 per cent of votes

2005 - Dresden

Dresden remembering the fire-bombing

1999 - Berlin

A Decade after the Fall of the Berlin Wall